#BurnsDay: Wagoosh Roundup Week 7
Published on Mar 17, 2014
Author: Lefty
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Happy St. Paddy’s day! Ironically or not, our feature was initiated by a California Girl who looks so damn good in Oakland A’s Green/Gold! Unfortunately we’ve been chasing a “Lucky-Charm” of an pic since day 1…and she’s still holding out on us! Well, another week has passed, and this time next week we’ll be talking #MLBAustralia Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks season opening series! Speaking of #BurnsDayTilOpeningDay ...we’re guessing this Burns is hoping for #BurnsDayEveryday! ...and honestly we all do!

Plenty of #BurnsDay rookies showing some love, including: @sstefx0 @titsmcgee831 @pinkchivette06 @_KccoPrincess_ @Caligirl27 Please give them all a follow, and let them know you want more! Come back next week…Spring Training isn’t over & Spring Break will probably provide more #BurnsDayTilOpeningDay surprises!



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